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«Daily baked bird course» Exquisite! December is decided by Miyazaki Hyuga local chicken ☆ rice

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It is an extravagant course of plentiful yakitori every day.It is a really delicious yakitori !! Asahi Awaji Chicken sashimi, Yakitori, Miyazaki Hinata Lunch cooked with Kaname and chicken that our shop is confidently offering ☆ ☆ + 1,500 yen and you can drink all you can drink for 90 minutes It is also possible to attach ★

Course menu

◆ Appetizer (Kawabata vinegar)

◆ Asahi Awaji Five sashimi of chicken assorted

◆ Chicken Breast Meat and Japanese Tofu Salad

◆ Our baked boiled bird 8 kinds (It is a recommended yakitori on the day)

(4 salt, 4 sauce)

◆ Miyazaki Hyuga locust chicken rice

◆ Bird soup

◆ yuzu sherbet

2018/03/14 update